> it's going to fondle major seedflap
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Shipping requires some sacrifices.

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ur very cute and very far away please come be cute closer to me

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happy easter everyone ive had this joke in my queue since january

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people on tumblr who call me by my name are my favorites

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"Hermione and Neville remind me so much of what we know of the friendship between Lily and Remus. Remus was very much the outsider and Lily the smart muggleborn who was always helping him when the rest rejected him."

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#john barrowman is having none of your misogynist bullshit

i love that barrowman’s response also distances him from the contestant
"hahahaha women do laundry right john?  you with me, john?"
"don’t lump me in with you, you fucking martian”

This is what I’m talking about when I keep saying that men have to deny the endorsement. This guy wanted Barrowman’s tacit support or agreement for his sexism, as part of bonding through humour. John went nope.

Bolding mine.

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Have you ever met someone on the internet that you liked so much that you sometimes sit there and think “Oh man there are people who are lucky enough to see this person IN THE FLESH ON A REGULAR BASIS and I wonder if they realize how LUCKY they are”

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Oookay so well today I remembered that certain sea creatures have blue blood instead of red, and after doing a little research on the subject, I realized that the entire troll hemospectrum could possibly be feasibly explained with different amounts of the different proteins hemoglobin, hemocyanin and hemerythrin! Sorry if it’s a little too sciency for one’s tastes but do let me know if I’ve gotten anything wrong!

(If it’s something like ‘individual organisms can’t produce more than one oxygen-binding protein at once’ well my friend please do remember that the subject matter is a species from a different universe that breeds in a similar manner to ants, bees and termites, and we can probably find a way to work around it anyhows)

I knew it was a chemical! I’ve been searching my textbooks for an answer, and now it makes more sense then ever.

i love this sort of thing.

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